NFK INTERNATIONAL was born from the entrepreneurial mind of its founder Nevio F Kovacevic, who has been dealing with design and industrial production on a global level for over forty years, based in New York - USA.

An American citizen but Italian on his mother's side and Croatian on his father's side, Nevio arrived in New York at the age of 12.

After completing his studies and a degree in Economics, he worked for 10 years at Macy's New York, in all sales departments including furniture, carpets, decoration and accessories.

Thanks to this experience and thanks to the immense creativity and vitality of Manhattan in the 80s and supported by his Italian origins, he soon encountered Italian designers and manufacturers of seating specialized in office and contract markets.

Having concluded his experience at Macy's, he became a reference decorator for the most prestigious apartments in Manhattan, at the same time achieving the status of Sales Agent for referenced Italian brands.



In 1994 Nevio F Kovacevic founded NFK INTERNATIONAL which boasts of being, for the next 20 years, among the first large made-in-Italy seating suppliers in the USA.

Chains of hotels, restaurants and casinos are the most loyal customers, allowing NFK INTERNATIONAL to establish its production in Italy in 1997, thanks also to the personal and professional union with Mrs. Ilaria Sialino, still his partner.

Production that has consolidated over the years, remaining a point of reference for many American customers till nowadays.